Biofen Plus for men 730mg - 60 Caps

Bio-Fen Supplement is a healthy and clinically proven herbal product to cure hair loss and stimulate hair re-growth in men.

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Biofen Plus for men 730mg - 60 Caps



The naturally sourced way to slow down or completely stop hair loss!

There are only four effective ways to treat the inherited male or female pattern hair loss known as AGA (androgenic alopecia):

  1. Use a natural herbal extract for hair loss such as those contained in Bio-Fen Plus™,
  2. Undergo costly and painful transplant surgery,
  3. Take a prescription drug like Propecia™, (There may be side effects using any hair loss medication), or
  4. Use messy lotions or foams like Rogaine™.

The only affordable and low-risk option for thinning hair is option 1!

If your hair is thinning, or worse: if you’re losing hair – get the benefits of natural herbal extracts for a healthy looking, fuller head of hair... the way Mother Nature intended!

You don't want the expense and discomfort of surgery.

You don't need the unpleasant side effects of strong prescription drugs, or lotions that weigh down remaining thin hair.

If you’re losing hair you don’t need to spend a fortune either! Treatment for thinning hair doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

They are the thousands of people worldwide who have dealt with the embarrassment of losing hair. Bio-Fen Plus™ capsules made with herbal extracts fight thinning hair & eventual loss and keep the healthy looking hair that you still have.


How Does It Work?

By using herbal extracts for hair loss such as fenugreek seed extract, saw palmetto berry extract and flax lignans. These extracts inhibit the enzyme that causes male and female pattern hair loss & thinning hair.

If you’re losing hair, stop the embarrassment now!

In fact, Bio-Fen Plus™ treats hair loss using same principles as the oral drug Propecia™. The vast difference is that Propecia™ contains only one active molecule - finasteride, while Bio-Fen Plus™ contains naturally-sourced herbal extracts with hundreds of compounds working synergistically to stop thinning hair. It has no known side effects and no harsh chemical ingredients.

Should I Use Bio-Fen Plus™ If I Have Slightly Thinning Hair?

Absolutely! What you might think is just slight hair loss may be the result of hereditary androgenic alopecia (AGA), also known as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. Bio-Fen Plus™ works by slowing down or completely stopping the rate of hair loss. For some people, it will even promote new hair growth.

The hair thinning process is very gradual. You must deal with any early signs of thinning hair. Hair loss prevention starts with admitting you are losing hair, and acting promptly to treat the condition.

If you suffer from other forms of hair loss, such as alopecia areata (AA) or telogen effluvium (TE), Bio-Fen Plus™ will not work. The same applies to Propecia™ & Rogaine™.


What Makes Bio-Fen Plus™ Hair Loss Treatment Different?

Bio-Fen Plus’ herbal extracts for thinning hair ™ hair loss are natural and safe when used as directed. You can buy it without a prescription. And it works for many users.*

Most people with AGA hair loss can take Bio-Fen Plus™ in full confidence, knowing it's a scientifically calculated blend of herbal extracts for hair loss that's safe, natural and gentle on your system.

With Bio-Fen Plus™ You Can Stop Losing Hair!

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