BioSil - 90 Vcaps (2 for Deal) + 1 Bonus Item FREE!!

BioSil - 90 Vcaps (2 for Deal) + 1 Bonus Item FREE!!

Molecular biologists have pinpointed the key structural protein integrally involved in creating smooth skin, thick strong hair, and strong nails. It’s your body’s beauty protein, collagen. During youth, you have a rich abundance of collagen. In addition, the collagen forms itself in a resilient “tight mesh” matrix.

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BioSil - 90 Vcaps (2 for Deal) + 1 Bonus Item FREE!!



What can you expect from BioSil™:

  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
  • Thick, strong, healthy hair
  • Strong nails
  • Increased bone density and flexibility



Molecular biologists have pinpointed the key structural protein integrally involved in creating smooth skin, thick strong hair, and strong nails. It’s your body’s beauty protein, collagen. During youth, you have a rich abundance of collagen. In addition, the collagen forms itself in a resilient “tight mesh” matrix. This “ideal” collagen condition prevents wrinkles from forming, gives skin elasticity, helps create thick and strong hair. But over the years, collagen diminishes.


Age Related Collagen Loss

Starting at age 21, collagen diminishes by 1% per year. That’s when the vital collagen “mesh” begins to loosen. By age 30, the signs of reduced collagen on skin, hair and nails become visible. The affect on bones and joints can be measurable.

Now You Can Regenerate Collagen

For years, scientists searched for a method that would give the human body the ability to regenerate its own collagen. But it took the discovery of BioSil’s™ patented choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA®), the active ingredient in BioSil™, to make genuine collagen regeneration a reality.

BioSil’s™ Revolutionary Clinically Proven Solution

BioSil™ “turns on” the body’s actual collagen-generating cells, known as fibroblasts. Because BioSil™ works through your body’s natural pathways, the collagen it generates has your own DNA fingerprint. BioSil™ has been tested in rigorous double-blind placebo controlled trials for both efficacy and safety.

Collagen: Generate It – Don’t Eat It

It’s important to note that BioSil™ is not made out of collagen, it generates collagen. There’s a big difference. When you ingest collagen, the human body breaks it down and uses it as food. By contrast, BioSil’s™ patented ch-OSA complex helps your body to generate its own collagen to provide support for stronger, healthy and thicker hair; stronger nails; fewer fine lines and wrinkles; denser and more flexible bones.

Clinical Trial Publications

‡ “Effect of oral intake of choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid on skin, nails and hair in women with photodamaged skin” by A. Barel et al. in Archives of Dermatological Research, Volume 297, 147-153, 2005.
† “Effect of oral intake of choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid on hair tensile strength and morphology in women with fine hair” by R.R. Wickett et al. in Archives of Dermatological Research,



Medicinal Ingredients
  • Silicon (as Choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid) (ch-OSA)... 6 mg

One capsule is equivalent to 6 drops of BioSil™ liquid.
Choline chloride, vegetarian capsule  (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, water) with microcrystalline cellulose, water.




2 capsules daily or as directed by a health care practitioner.
Caution: Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Keep out of reach of children.

This product does not contain artificial preservatives, colour or sweeteners; corn, dairy, soy, starch, wheat or yeast.




I am confused by the label of BioSil capsules. Shouldn't one capsule be equivalent to 6mg of ch-OSA, not 624mg as indicated?


Each capsule contains 624mg of ch-OSA beadlets which in turn contains 6mg of silicon. Each drop of BioSil™ liquid contains 1mg silicon. Thus one capsule (6mg silicon) is equivalent to 6 drops of BioSil™ liquid.

I want to take your BioSil in liquid form, but I am Diabetic and can't take it in juice. Can I use water instead?

Of course! Juice is just our recommendation to help hide the taste of the liquid form of BioSil™. You can take it in water, or even straight if you prefer.

Why does BioSil have such a strong fishy smell and sometimes taste?

It is the choline in Biosil™ that has the characteristic "fishy' smell. The choline however is NOT derived from fish (or other animals). Biosil™ is free of common allergens and is suitable for vegetarians (even vegans). Choline is the ideal stabilizer and transporter for OSA, plus it’s essential for building cells. It is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and offers protection against homocysteine mediated breakdown of collagen (homocysteine damages collagen and choline tames homocysteine).

Can't I just apply BioSil topically?

BioSil™ is intended to be taken orally.  We advise against taking this product topically for a few reasons:

1/ The concentrated drops have a very low pH (and as indicated on the bottle, it is very important to keep the liquid away from the eyes).

2/ There are no studies performed on topical application.

3/ Taking BioSil™ orally stimulates collagen production globally throughout the body whereas topical application would be more limiting.

4/ Topical application may leave a choline odour on the skin (however taking the product orally does not cause any odours).

I have a new bottle of BioSil 30ml and it states that I should take 5 drops, twice a day. My old bottle said 6-10 drops once per day. Which is right?

Either way is fine - you should take up to ten drops per day, in whichever method suits you the best.

What is "orthosilicic acid"?

It is the only bioavailable (readily usable by the body) form of silicon. Orthosilicic acid is absorbed directly through the gastrointestinal wall and distributed through the body in the bloodstream.

I have purchased your products before, but there has always been a picture of Lorna Vanderhaeghe on the label. Now the brand is WomenSense, and her picture is no longer there. Can you please clarify why?

Our labels are different because Lorna Vanderhaeghe is no longer our spokesperson. Please be assured that the product is still exactly the same, we have just removed Lorna's name and picture from the labels. It will take some time before everything is updated to reflect this change. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Why have your cautions and your recommended (or suggested) usages changed so dramatically on many of your labels?


The changes you may be noticing to our suggested usage and cautionary statements have been at the directive of Health Canada.  There have been many regulatory changes with regards to Natural Health Products causing companies to change their labels accordingly.  We have been updating our website, product information sheets and labels on the actual products to reflect these regulations as quickly as we possibly can.

Where do you source your products from?

All of our products are manufactured at a GMP facility certified by Health Canada. All raw materials come in and are tested for purity, safety and potency. If they do not meet our standards they are rejected and sent back or destroyed. We use the highest quality ingredients available. Many of our products contain proprietary patented ingredients that have been clinically researched. We also use organic whenever we can.


Are your products Gluten free?

All of our products are manufactured in a facility that is not dedicated to be gluten free. Therefore we cannot guarantee that any of our products are gluten free since there is always a possibility of cross-contamination.

Are your products Peanut free?

Following compliance with food regulations, in order to make a negative claim such as "peanut free", it would be necessary to insure a zero tolerance of any peanut traces, including the possibilty of cross contamination.  Although our manufacturing facility has a policy in place for allergen control, there is no specific policy for peanuts, nor is there a specific "no peanut agreement" with our raw material suppliers.

If a product does not specify "vegetarian capsule", then what is it made from?

These capsules are gelatin capsules sourced from either pork or beef.

Are any of your products "Vegan-friendly"?

Yes, AdrenaSense, BioSil, EstroSense and MenoSense (from our Preferred Nutrition and WomenSense lines), our MacaPunch Products and the Ultimate Anti-Stress Vegan formula are all vegan friendly.

Can your products be used after the expiry date has passed?

Supplements generally keep their potency long after the expiry date. There is certainly no safety issues with consuming after the expiry date has passed however the potency degrades over longer periods of time.

Do all of your products have NPN numbers?

Some of our products have received NPN numbers. Others are in the application process or are waiting to be reviewed by Health Canada.

Can I purchase products directly from you? I went to a health food store and the prices seem very expensive.

We only sell to Health Food stores since they have a personal commitment to the natural health lifestyle. Consumers are then able to buy our products from knowledgeable staff that are genuinely interested in helping people be well - people who care! Always be sure to look for in store promotions or coupons when you are making your purchases as this can help alleviate your cost concerns.

Do all health food stores carry of all your products?

To find Health Food stores in your area that carry our products, please click on "Store Locator" at the top of this screen.  All you have to do is enter your postal code and you will be given a list of retailers in the radius that you choose. We do recommend calling ahead to see if they stock the item you are looking for and in most cases if a store does not normally carry something, they will offer to do a special order for you.

Are any of your products tested on animals?

No, there is no animal testing on any of our products.

Should your supplements be taken with or without food?

Most of our products will specify directly on the bottle whether they should be taken with a meal or not. If nothing is stated, then the choice is yours as to when the best time is for you to take them.

I like the sounds of many of your products. Am I able to take different formulas at the same time?

Yes, it's safe to combine various WomenSense products to help support the body in achieving optimal health. The same applies to the Balanced Planet products, Dr. Whitaker's formulas and to Brad King's. If you are unsure of any combination, then please consult your Health Care Practitioner.

I have heard that drinking green tea along with my supplements will end up flushing out all the nutrients? Is this true?

No, you are fine taking your supplements with green tea. Coffee inhibits the absorption of nutritients, but the caffeine in green tea will not pose the same problem.

Can you tell me if I can combine any of your supplements with the medication(s) I am on, as prescribed by my doctor?

It is best to consult your Doctor or alternative Health Practitioner before taking any new supplements while on medication.

Can I take your products when I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

We are not able to make any recommendations with any of our products when it comes to pregnancy or while nursing. You must contact your Health Practitioner, Naturopath or Pharmacist.

I understand that you put a recommended dosage on your labels, but I can take more or less than that, right? And, really, do I have to take the product every day?

With regards to the recommended dosage, we would suggest you speak to your Doctor or Health Care Practitioner before increasing any amounts. As with any supplement you can determine your amount based on your personal preference - if you find that a product works for you immediately then you should be fine to take it just on the days you feel you need it, but again we suggest you discuss this with you MD or HP. Some consumers find that a product needs to be in their system for a few days to a few weeks before they notice results and/or feel the full benefits.

I don't understand why when I purchase your product and open the bottle, the contents don't even fill 1/2 of the packaging that is being used?

The containers we use are determined based on product fill and required label information, as well as capsule count when/where applicable.  Sometimes we do have to use a larger bottle than seems necessary because of the information required on the labels - requirements both from Health Canada and in order for the label to be clear and legible to our consumers.  Also, in a case where we are offering larger volume (ie/ 400g versus 200g or 180 capsules versus 90 capsules), then we have to put the contents in a bigger container in order for there to be differentiation on the shelf.




Derived from Pure Aqueous Spring Horsetail Extract.

Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails.

Equivalent to 17mg of pure bioavailable Silica. 
Ideal for dry hair & skin, brittle nails and aging skin.

Helps increase flexibility and elasticity in skin and bone matrix.

May offer protection against osteoporosis.


1 or 2 capsules per day with a meal.

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